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This is a practical blog for inexpensive fashion basics and ideas that are To Di For! We give you SIMPLE - SAVING Shopping Solutions. Teestodifor.com offers the best selection of T-shirts to outerware. We offer great quality garments and accessories that are delivered quickly and efficiently to your door. The t-shirt and tank are America's favorite fashion basic and Teestodifor.com offers a full range of products from infant to adult and from simple to spectacular!

Streamline your time and/or operations by letting Teestodifor.com screen-print & embroider your items, we've been helping companies, schools, fund-raising venues and individuals for over 20 years, let our competent corporate team assist you!

Warm Winter White A winner on its own or underneath a vest, sweater, or jacket. You can’t go wrong with the Bella Flowy Long Sleeve T-Shirt!http://www.teestodifor.com/product-p/8852.html

Warm Winter White

A winner on its own or underneath a vest, sweater, or jacket. You can’t go wrong with the Bella Flowy Long Sleeve T-Shirt!


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The Polar Vortex - How To Weather This Crazy Weather!



In the case of the Polar Vortex, the best advice to weather this crazy weather is the oldest advice around, layers and lots of them! My customers like two types of layering in particular one is to layer underneath a big sweatshirt and the other is layering with polar fleece, both ways promise to keep you warm and give you the ability to shed layers as you get inside to warmer environments or if the climate changes which happens so much nowadays.

These unisex pieces promise to not only be warm but to be comfortable and stylish too. For those who like to keep layers underneath a fashionable sweatshirt this J America Lace Hooded Sweatshirt http://www.teestodifor.com/product-p/8830.htm cannot be beat. For those who want an on trend unisex eco friendly polar fleece, there is none better than this warm but fitted Alternative Brand Champ Eco-Fleece http://www.teestodifor.com/product-p/9575.html

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They say variety is the spice of life and I have to say that I absolutely love this philosophy. I have always been the type of person who is friends with all different groups of people and not tied into one “click” or group. I love my business because we attract all kinds of customers from every walk of life and I think it is just the greatest. We run ecommerce sites and also produce garments globally for all different kinds of clothing manufacturers and it is just the most interesting thing to be exposed to every facet of life, it’s the best!

I love that my customers from my ecommerce sites call me and I have a chance to interact with people in Minnesota who tell me it is 80 degrees and sunny on October 6th when it is freezing and raining in my Los Angeles area. I love that my customers are a trendy college co-ed in Boston and an oversized hunter from Wyoming. I am so lucky to have exposure with every economic, social, racial…group of people. Diversity is just so amazing, refreshing, interesting and truly uplifting, I cannot imagine life any other way.

With this being said, I cannot begin to tell you how it saddens me to see the beautiful faces on the news and in articles, as of late, of children who have just been tortured and driven to despair and even death at the hands of other children and for what? Is it because they think, look or act differently? Isn’t life supposed to be about equality, the very thing our country was founded on.

Bullying is defined as unprovoked, repeated and aggressive actions or threats of action by one or more persons who have, or are perceived to have, more power or status than their victim in order to cause fear, distress or harm. Bullying can be physical, verbal, psychological or a combination of these three. Specific examples include name-calling, taunting, teasing and put-downs; saying or writing inappropriate things about a person; deliberately excluding a person from activities or conversation; threatening a person with bodily harm; hitting, kicking, tripping, shoving or otherwise inappropriately touching a person; taking or damaging a person’s belongings; and making a person do things he or she does not want to do. Bullying can also occur through electronic means via Web postings, e-mails, chat rooms and text messaging.

For the life of me, I cannot see what is appealing about these actions, I really don’t understand what sense of goodness or accomplishment can come from being a bully. I’m not trying to completely over simplify the situation but with applying the exact definition of private or privacy we can eliminate bullying. The definition of private from the American Heritage Dictionary is to
" Seclude from the sight, presence, or intrusion of others - personal - not available for public use". Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could figure out a way to seclude the victim from the bully and give them privacy.

As a mother with a child with special needs, I believe privacy is at the forefront of helping this child to succeed, as a friend who has friends with medical conditions, I don’t believe there is anything more important than respecting their privacy to help them cope and/or heal. 
A bully thrives on humiliating or “lowering the pride or dignity of a person - to disgrace someone” while a decent human being believes being respectful of a person will increase the pride or dignity of another human being. I truly cannot imagine living any other way.

Again, I feel so lucky to run an ecommerce site where everyone has the right to privacy, my site teestodifor.com is a store for fashion basics for EVERYBODY. I love that someone who may feel self conscious in a store can come to my site and buy an oversized tee shirt, sweatshirt or whatever they fancy and feel great about their purchase. I love that someone who may feel awkward in a store due to economic conditions or because they have a more simplistic approach to fashion can come to my site and indulge themselves in feeling good about their purchase with no questions asked, unless they call us directly and I can assure you they will be treated with the upmost respect and courtesy. I love that my store is easily accessible to those who may not have a car, the close proximity, the time…or whatever can be holding them back from shopping and that they can click their way to a productive shopping and peaceful day.

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Change With the Seasons…Don’t Let the Seasons Change You!

As a non-allergenic mom with children with moderate to severe allergies and asthma, I have come to really dread the fall. I used to LOVE this time of year growing up on the east coast, looking forward to those brisk days when you couldn’t wait to take out your new cardigan or scarf with your favorite local school, college or professional football team’s colors. Everyone happily welcomed the cool weather and the wind blowing the changing leaves, now I know that not everyone loved this transition season the way I remembered.

Now the fall means winds blowing dust, pollen and countless other allergens into the air, making running up and down a soccer field tortuous for my children who can’t wait to put their new uniform and cleats on to embrace the season. Instead of throwing in the towel, I have learned to adapt to this wonderful season so I can enjoy those games, Halloween, Homecoming and those crisp and invigorating days.

A few simple changes have made all of the difference for us. First, we don’t let those allergens keep us trapped we set them free. For my son that means a nice buzz cut at the end of the summer. Who would have thought that your children’s hair can be the cause of their dust allergies, even though you do everything to keep those dust mites away. Not only dust gets trapped in their hair but pollen, weeds, grass, basically the eco system blows in the air and settles on them. Make sure they shower frequently, again wash their culprits away.

Finally, what I do to go the extra mile is I either frequently wash their pillow cases every night or I buy inexpensive pillow cases so the allergens don’t settle on top of their perfectly protected pillow encasing. I also buy a number of t-shirts on-line so I can be sure that a clean t-shirt is not just worn during the day but that a fresh tee is worn every night to keep the enemy at bay. I also change sweatshirts daily, a good on-line company like teestodifor.com stocks numerous basics at great prices so I don’t have to worry if a sweatshirt gets left at the soccer field.

Now with the money I am saving with these simple inexpensive changes, I can also order that red and black scarf I have been admiring to support my daughter’s college team, or that adorable unisex American Apparel cardigan that is the perfect weight for this perfect time of year.

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Companies today are not only trying to survive in today’s volatile market place they are trying to streamline business operations to optimize profits with diminished sales. Some think impossible…not so! Ask your children or the kid in the neighborhood about their world on the web. Kids maintain their school, social and most every component of their life on their computer, cell phone or other latest and greatest techno gadget they use to enhance and optimize their lives. It’s time we do the same, the world is not waiting it will simply pass those by who do not jump on the cyber super highway. A kid is always keyed in, businesses must do the same. Embrace technology and make your work place and/or worker more efficient with a smart phone or smart pad, this will organize your work place and/or worker and add to your bottom line.

Those companies today who are forced to resize their operations but do not wallow in the woes of the world but utilize the web to take over some operations will posture themselves for a better chance of survival. A company can do this by utilizing a promotions and promotional wear company to assist a business with both purchasing and marketing needs, a good online businesswill have an art and marketing team on hand who will happily assist a customer in any way they can at small to no costs depending on the circumstances. By using this type of company small businesses can have an off-site “in house” marketing and purchasing department. The internet is creating that opportunity for you and you can bank on the fact that it will be BETTER, CHEAPER and FASTER.

Branding is key to increasing exposure for your business, so outsource as much as you can by utilizing the internet. Hire an intern, a cost effective way, to bring any employee up to speedwith today’s technological advances. As a business owner it’s amazing how much I’ve learned from my social-media intern. The past decade has been a techno-revolution for us and just another day and new gadget for them.

Looking for ways to get your ideas out and your name in the forefront. Think of flash drives, pens, cups, tee-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts or hats, to name a few items, that will magnify your brand inexpensively. Again, search the internet for a good promotional company to assist with ideas, art and items to get you in the forefront so you can hop on that lap top, smart phone or smart pad to posture your business for success.

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Divide and Conquer - Better Budgeting Allows for Savings Down the Line

Planning it’s as easy as sitting down with a paper and pen and writing down upcoming expenses and the funds you have to work with and then make a plan with a timeline. With back to school, fall sports, Halloween upon us, a good plan will keep you ahead of the game. For instance, $200.00 of back to school costs broken down over 4 weeks is $50.00, a number that is much easier to manage than a large lump sum.
Another way to get a head start is to buy smart, Traci Markel, marketing director for the major retail outlet, Citadel, says “even in a promotional market consumers want a trusted name, quality. They want value,” which was stated in The Apparel News Volume 67 July 21, 2011. A good quality fashion basic goes a long way in today’s market, good quality at a great price. Regardless of whether your child wears a school uniform or not companies like; Hanes, Gildan, Bella, Timberland, Adidas to name a few manufacture high quality garments known as “blanks” at a great price. Tee shirts, both long and short, polo shirts, sweatpants, sweatshirts and jackets can complete your fall wardrobe at a cost that won’t break the bank. Budget, buy a few items a week or buy for one child at a time, an approach like this will get you off to a great start and put you at the top of the class!
Once you get back to school out of the way than jump into holiday mode and get Halloween underway so you can tackle the holidays. Time gives you the luxury of being creative and making a costume for Halloween yourself. You can create your favorite Harry Potter character by simply purchasing the scarf that is relevant to them. If you’re team Harry start with a scarlet and gold scarf for Gryffindor House and round glasses, with this the costume is almost complete and easy as can be. If you fancy Hufflepuff House than a yellow and black scarf will get you underway. Other easy ideas is purchasing a tee shirt in your favorite superheroes colors and painting their logo with garment paint, involve your child and make it a family affair. Looking for an easy adult costume, buy a bright orange or green safety shirt and be a construction worker…the possibilities are endless and you will see that everything is easier with a plan.

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